Friday, August 04, 2006

Pottery sick toys

I've been layed up for the last week because of some surgery I had last Friday. Not much fun when you have 2 little kids and a million things to do on a normal day, including find the time to make pots. Not overdoing it is a challenge, but thankfully every day gets a little bit easier to maneuver.

When I am incapacitated, Lowell has a tendency to bring home all kinds of things. Sick toys he calls them. When I was a month away from delivering my first little girl, Halley, he brought home a puppy. Then when I was pretty far along with my second, he brought me a turkey...yes the kind that walks around, not one that just sits quietly in the freezer. Einstein the turkey grew to a pretty good size and liked to sit on your lap and try and peck the freckles off your leg.... but that's another story for another day....

Lowell came home last week with 2 "pre-sugery sick toys" ....kittens which, luckily are incredibly laid back and pathetic, and take the presence of a 2 yr old in stride. so that is relatively stress free.

But even more exciting is yesterday he came home with a little wooden boat in the back of the truck. Its a sturdy 12 foot cypress dore that, with a few small little additions, will be perfect for exploring those little tributaries off the Magnolia River not 2 minutes from the studio. If you can move quietly over the glassy water, there is lots of local plant, bird, and other animal life to catch in a perfect position to photograph. ..something you just can't quite do from shore. Not only a medatative way to spend a few hours on my own, but great inspiration for new pottery designs.

Hopefully be back to throwing next week.

Have a few events scheduled for the fall and should have more juicy details for you sometime soon.

Tropical Storm Chris looks like its petering out, thankfully. Only three and a half more months of hurricane season to go. yippee skippy.

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